Smell of Browniessssss

This morning I was desperately wanting more ALMOND BUTTER! mmmm. My breakfast yesterday was so delicious, I had it again today!

1 sandwich thin toasted , 1/2 small banana, 1 tbls almond butta

My boss always has delicious (and healthy) foods and suplements to let me try and I LOVE it! This morning she tore me off about 1/4 of her Genesis Ezekiel bread with no sugar added locally jarred Apricot preserves. That Ezekiel bread is awesome! I have never bought it because I’m a huge calorie counter, BUT it is SO filling that I could have 1 piece (80 cals) vs 2-3 of my Earth Grains 35 bread! It has nuts and other healthy stuff in it and still tastes awesome!  Def gonna try it next time I go to the cupboard.

B12!!!! My new best friend. Mid-morning (after my coffe had chilled in the freeze for 1.5 hrs) I had an iced coffee with 1 PureVia and a B12 packet. It reaalllllyyyy got me goin 😉

Today, my office is having a luncheon to benefit Relay for Life. They are having lots and lots of pizza, salad, and desert. The girls started baking brownies at 8:15 am! I have been smelling pizza and brownies all morning…It’s torture! I knew it would be so I was sure to bring my favorite lunch, so that I didn’t feel deprived! Amy’s non-dairy bean burrito. It tastes sooo much like junk food, you don’t even realize it’s good for you! (Confession: This is an old photo! I forgot to snap one! I had tea today instead of lifewater, because Im out 😦 )

I also grabbed a little bit of the salad from the luncheon so I didn’t feel completely left out! The dressing was a house tomato italian vinaigrette. It was very good! I didn’t mean to pour that much, and honestly, I wasted about 99% of that!! Oops :-S

No cheese

I love this one little phrase! I basically allows me to eat ANYWHERE I want and still stay on track with my “veganism.” Thursday night I got to watch my niece play softball. She got on base each time she went up to bat, never got an out, and even made it home once for a score!!

My camera did this cool black ring this on it’s own! (Look at the cute little girl eyeing the cameria in the bottom 🙂 )

After the game, we had Mexican food! I loooovvvee Mexican food! 😀 I had a spinach quesadilla with, you guessed it, NO cheese. It came with 3, which was too much tortilla for me. I scooped the spinach out of the 3rd and stuffed it into the other two. I also shoved abunch of lettuce, tomato, and guacamole into my tortillas to bulk up the lumps of spinach. It looked sort of lonely sitting all alone 😉 The aftermath:

I really enjoyed spending time with my family!! I even made a deal with Dad to mow his yard for him all summer. Bring the extra calorie burning on! That means I can have a few extra MARGARITAS when the hot weather rolls around 😉

New Love

I found a new love….Almond Butter!! How did I live without it for all years? I’ve had it 2 times today and it’s only 4:00! Plus, I plan on having some in my Green Monster tonight (post workout, of course). For breakfast, I had a toasted Arnold sandwich thin with ALMOND BUTTER 🙂 and 1/2 banana

One of the things I remember loving most when I was a kid was mashed potato nests. (You know….press a hole in your potatoes and fill said nest with peas, corn, or my personal fave… baked beans!!) My lunch was reminiscent of these little volcanoes I loved so much as a kid! 1/2 baked potato, vegetarian baked beans, and SoBe lifewater 😀

Then I had a clementine and the rest of my SoBe lifewater. Notice the b vitamins in the lifewater! I’ve had a ton today!

Later this afternoon, I snacked on a Fuji apple with almond butter and a lifewater with a B12 packet.

I planned on going to get some of these awesome little packets after work buuuttt… awesome boss surprised me by bringing me back a ton after lunch! Woo hoo!! (She bought a box for herself and was sweet enough to share with me 😀 )

 It’s almost 5! I’m heading to the trail at the park for a run, then going to watch my adorable neice play softball! (If it doesn’t get rained out 😦 )


I feel like running a marathon right now! Woo hoo! But, instead Im stuck at my lonely little desk 😦 My boss gave me a B12 packet to try in my coffee this morning! O-my-gosh…I’m hooked. And since I don’t eat animal products, I am always looking for a way to get in my B vitamins! I’m going to Drug Emporium to pick up a box of these babies tonight!

After I graduate, I have a HUGE feeling that today, April 15th will be the death of me! I will need lots of these little packets to get me through the big tax deadline!


Hump Day has come and gone, and I am ready for the weekend! My Wednesday was pretty uneventful. On my way to work, I realized that I had FORGOTTEN to bring breakfast! I never ever do that! Breakfast is the only thing that gets me out of bed in the morning! Luckily, I had a packet of oatmeal stuck in my desk drawer that I forgot about. (Now I know why I put it there in the first place….Low Sugar Maple and Brown Sugar Instatnt BLAH) I also had an iced coffee.

On my lunch break, I did some serious speed shopping! I drove to another town 15 minutes away, grocery shopped, and picked up food for the girls in the office in FIFTY, yes 50, minutes. Whew! When I got back, naturally, I was starving. SO I scarfed down an Amy’s non-dairy bean burrito with salsa and a Lipton Diet Green Tea. I ate it so fast that I only got this disgusting, unappetizing picture over halfway through the meal

As every other boring day, I was out the door at 5! I dropped by to visit a friend on my way home, so I didn’t start dinner until a little later than normal. On my lunch break, I bought parsnips and brussel sprouts!!!! (Confession: I had never had parsnips or brussel sprouts!) I made a Boca burger on a sandwich thin with vegetarian baked beans, parsnip fries with ketchup, and roasted brussel sprouts with balsamic.

I must have done something wrong with my brussels because they were NOT good. And I LOVE greens! I’ll have to google that today 😉 Oh well, my wittle doggies loved them 🙂

Being the great girlfriend that I am, I decided to mow the yard and surprise Anthony when he got home. Call me crazy, but I love mowing the yard! I think it’s good exercise 🙂 Anthony was very happy that I mowed….He was exhausted and did NOT want to do it. When he got home, he had a surprise for me too! I he bought new speakers for our boat!!! I can’t wait to get on the water and test ’em out! After mowing, installing speakers, soaking up the gorgeous weather, we settled in with a Green Monster ( to watch some tv. We watched Fresh Meat 2 on MTV and Intervention

Green Monster:

1 frozen banana

3 frozen strawberries

1/2 cup Almond Breeze

3 BIG handfuls spinach

crushed ice

Baseball and Hives

Tuesdays are always awesome days, as was this Tuesday! I got to work a few minutes early and made my Start Your Day off Right Oatmeal! I made it the same as last time, with 1/4 cup oats, 1/2 banana, 2 strawberries, and PureVia sweetner.

I had my oatmeal with an iced cofee and got to work! For lunch I had a BBQ Veggie Pita. I cooked the veggies the night before, and the definitely weren’t AS good as freshly cooked veggies, but it was still pretty darn tasty! I had my pita with a handful of grape tomatoes and a Mango Melon Lifewater.

BBQ Veggie Pita = Squash, Zuccini, Carrots, 2 tbls mesquite bbq sauce, 1 Joseph’s whole wheat with flax pita. NOM NOM

Work was so hectic that when I hit the door running at 5:00, I threatened to go to Mexico and never return! haha My DE-LISH din made up for all the craziness though! Veggie Marinara Pasta!

I sauteed a ton of veggies

Then added in some Classico Roasted Tomato and Basil sauce

I added in the veggies for nutrients and staying power, but I probably didn’t need staying power with the whole grain pasta. After my linguini was finished cooking, I poured the sauce on top

Then mixed it up and dug in like a wild woman!

It was a ton of food, so I saved half for leftovers.

My nine month old Chihuahua had SO MUCH energy when I got home that I decided it would be a good idea to take him on a run with me….Boy was I ever wrong! About 2 blocks down the street he tuckered out and started jumping up my leg! He was saying, “Carry me Mom!” So I did….down the street to my Dad’s backyard. I continued on, swung back by and got little Gunner, and headed home. Sometime around the middle of my run, I realized my allergies were acting up. I started getting hives, which isn’t a good sign!

I had to cut the run a little short, but I didn’t want to end up in the hospital like I have in the past! When I finally got home, I made a Green Monster (, grabbed some Benadryl, and heading to the baseball field to watch Anthony play ball! They won BOTH games! Woooo hooo. (I have to admit, I did leave exactly 17 minutes early with my friend Lauren! We went to have a couple beers at Applebee’s 🙂 ) Then I headed home for some much needed SLEEP. Benadryl exhausts me! 

Today’s Green Monster contained:

1 frozen banana

1 strawberry

1/2 cup Almond Breeze unsweet

1/2 tbls almond butter

2 large handfuls spinach

litte bit of crushed ice

Not Good at Mondays!

Mondays are always SO HECTIC for me! Especially this particular Monday. I had a crazy day at work and then a farely difficult test last night. Basically, I had no time to post! Yesterday morning, I had bites of my Start the Day off Right Oatmeal in between numerous phone calls, emails, questions, visitors,….! I changed it up a little from last time though, and I actually thought it tasted better! (Plus, it had less calories!)

1/4 cup oats, 1/2 banana, 3 strawberrise, 1 packet Pure Via (Which is used in place of my usual Agave Nectar!)

I could have sworn it was 30 minutes later when I ate my lunch, but it had actually been 4 hours! I sucked down a package of LightLife Smart Chili and later had a Fuji Apple and an iced coffee for a snack!

Normally, Smart Chili holds me over pretty well! Not this time! EVERY SINGLE Monday, I eat the same dinner, and EVERY SINGLE Monday I get equally excited! It’s just soo good! Veggie Special pizza, sans the cheese YUM!

After eating dinner in my car on the way to school, I took my test. I’m pretty sure I killed it! When I got back home, Anthony and I rented “The Carriers” and I snacked on Cheerios with 1/2 banana and Almond Breeze. I’ve always loved breakfast for dinner, even if it wasn’t technically my dinner 😉 (Carriers was actually a decent movie. SHOCKER!) After the movie, I sauteed up some veggies for my lunch today (Tuesday) and headed off to bed!

*I saw yesterday that KFC has brought their Double Down to Texas! Yuck KFC, take it back!! Two fried chicken breasts serve as the “buns” of the sandwich and are stuffed with two pieces of cheese, bacon and what looked like some kind of honey mustard sauce. I’ll take a heart attack please!

 KFC claims there are 540 calories in this disgusting “sandwich.” I don’t see how it is possible that my veggie pizza and this horrible sandwich could have the same calorie count! Craziness!!!